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Qioul is a professional messenger for companies that value simple digital solutions.

Well functioning team
Smooth day-to-day operation of your team is the highest goal of Qioul. It is built for easy collaboration between all of your employees, either via direct chats or group conversations, to make sure things are getting done.
Digital operations made simple


Create tasks for your team and track their progress. See how things are progressing and ask for updates in Qioul.


Highlight important team announcements and make sure everyone is in the know. Avoid communication holes.

File sharing and drawer

Capture and share photos or send files with Qioul. Access them later easily on any device.

Qioul works on all devices
Regardless of whether your team is desk-bound or mobile, have personal or company provided devices, Qioul can be used on everything regardless of make or model.
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